Couples & Friendship Massage

Couples & Friendship Massage:
Celebrate Each Other & Your Relationship

Separate Rooms – Couples Massage Rates
Regular Rates Apply:
60-Minutes $90
90-Minutes $120

Same room couples/friendship massage not currently available

For Appointment Availability & Booking:

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At our welcoming, calm and quiet Ann Arbor massage office we are thrilled to offer couples a choice of side-by-side massage tables in a large and comfortable private room, or in separate private rooms for friends, family, work partners or for those who may be training for a marathon or special event together. Whether your relationship is partnership, friendship, family or professional, all categories are welcome.  Whichever you choose, you will emerge together relaxed, rejuvenated and bonded.

“We have worked with married couples as well as sisters, friends and mother-daughter duos.  It’s fun to see our clients set aside special time for each other to enjoy massage and then maybe go out for coffee or lunch after.”

“Couples massage combines all of the physical and mental health benefits of the best professional massage therapy with a rediscovery of the love or friendship that brought you together in the first place,” explains Heidi Johnson, owner of Ann Arbor Thrive Massage and Bodywork

“When each of you are able to relax your mind and muscles, you feel less distracted and less anxious about engaging your partner emotionally and physically.  The two of you become one again, just as when your love first revealed itself.  You may have entered the therapy session feeling distracted and apart, but you leave bonded together and ready to continue the adventure in your own private space,” Heidi says.

“The relationship benefits of couples massage is well researched and documented,” continues Ann Arbor’s premier massage therapist.  “By experiencing touch to escape the stress of work, or the news or family duties, the resulting relaxation releases oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine,” she explains.  “Experience these cuddle chemicals together at the same time and you have induced a scientific love potion.”

Our Ann Arbor massage office is the perfect venue for you to enjoy this special time together. We are a small group of therapists who are committed to our craft and we are invested in our clients. In our cocoon-like space you can safely unwind and relax. We will assist you through the process of coordinating and booking these appointments so that your entire journey with us at Thrive is seamless and rewarding for your body, mind and spirit.

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