Covid Precautions

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THRIVE MASSAGE COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS (updated Winter 2022/2023)

All of our LMT’s are fully vaccinated and boostered.

MASKS CONTINUE TO BE REQUIRED FOR ALL CLIENTS AND STAFF whether you are vaccinated or not. If you don’t want to wear a mask while you receive a massage please don’t book with us.

I am grateful to report that since Thrive reopened in June of 2020 we’ve had zero cases of COVID exposure at our office and I am certain this is directly related to the amount of care and caution we take with each and every client who walks into our office.

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our clients, community and staff. We continue to monitor the situation closely as we are facing the different Omicron strains in this country.

We continue to prescreen all clients the day before appointments to ensure good health and no risk of known exposure. The vaccine isn’t 100 percent effective and we are taking no chances.

All of our cleaning and disinfecting standards are top notch because this and masking up are all very necessary for the safety of our clients, staff and community.

One thing we all know for sure about COVID is that it’s ongoing, unpredictable and we can’t be too careful.

Please read on for more indepth detail of our protocols. Thank you for trusting us to care for you during these pandemic times.

With gratitude,

Heidi Johnson, Owner and LMT at Thrive




I have introduced many new COVID prevention protocols as well as business changes.

Please keep in mind, depending on the COVID cases in and around Washtenaw County, we may need to close again for the safety of our clients, staff and community. This is an unpredictable time with no risk-free environment and I believe our safety measures at Thrive will greatly reduce potential exposure during your massage.

Thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding as we navigate this challenging time.

Please see the information below regarding business changes and our new thorough safety protocols.

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COVID BUSINESS CHANGES: BEGINNING JUNE 15, 2020 – ongoing 2022/2023

We currently have 6 vaccinated staff members and we are available 7 days a week. Our lobby is spacious enough for social distancing and we try to limit client overlap.


30 minute break between clients to avoid client overlap & disinfect time

Encourage contactless Apple/Google Pay or Chipped Credit Cards (client inserts the card), Cash or Checks also welcome

Taking special precautions at this time to discuss the risks with clients who are 65 years and older, and those with conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and suppressed immune systems.

No penalties for last minute cancellations (under 24 hours) due to illness or possible illness. Please cancel your appointment if you have any cold/flu-like symptoms AND ALSO if you aren’t feeling like your usual physical self. What does that mean? Could be lethargy, unusual fatigue, loss of appetite, stomachache…etc. Please be self aware and cautious and do not come in.



1. Health-Intake Updates/New COVID Consent Form and Contact Tracing Consent

2. Prescreening Text: All clients receive a COVID screening text the day before the scheduled appointment. Please be aware your appointment may be postponed for up to 10-14 days based on if you had a known exposure or have any of the COVID symptoms.

1. Remove Unnecessary Items: to keep surfaces cleaner and avoid cross contamination.

2. Sanitize/Disinfect with EPA virus eliminating approved cleaners: deep clean of all spaces between clients: plastic floor mats, massage table, face cradle, massage bolster, tables, chairs, stool, massage lotion dispenser, doorknobs, any other touch surfaces.

3. DYSON HEPA Air Purifier HP02 installed in treatment rooms. Window will remain open/cracked with weather permitting through the cold winter months.

1. Personal Precautions: continue thorough hand washing and hand sanitizing, continue personally practicing social distancing and maskwearing in public indoor and outdoor spaces.

2. Office Precautions/Standard Industry Hygiene/Hand washing – Plus the Extra COVID precautions: taking my temperature, not coming to work ill, wearing a mask and face shield, avoid client hand shaking/hugging, limit conversation, use hand sanitizer in session when necessary, strict table linen clean up, and clean apron/shirt for each client session.

3. Therapists are vaccinated.

1. Immediate Upon Client Arrival: clients wash or sanitize hands before entering office, mask required, no-contact temperature reading, doorway screening questions, smell test with essential oil, remove shoes, client stays masked while undressing, all of client belongings stay in one easy to clean location in the treatment room, client will sanitize hands after undressing before laying on the table, wipes available for additional client needs.

2. Face Covering/Mask Required for therapists and clients for the entire duration of your massage appointment – including the face down position. NO buffs and NO bandanas. Mask must be at least 2-3 layers and properly fitted over your nose and your mouth. If you wear a mask that doesn’t meet our safety requirements we will kindly provide you with one that does. If you are unable to wear a face covering/mask due to a medical condition please contact Heidi Johnson before scheduling an appointment. Failure to disclose this information prior to your appointment may result in immediate cancellation.


1. Window remains open for extra ventilation of the massage room. Therapist and client are both masked for the entire massage session including arrival and departure from the office building. Therapist wears a mask plus a face shield while the client is laying face up. Therapist uses sanitizer at the end of the session and uses paper towel for doorknob to exit room.

1. Therapist immediately washes thoroughly with soap and water from hands to elbows as recommended by the CDC.

2. Client stays masked while getting dressed and sanitizes hands before exiting the treatment room and uses paper towel for doorknob.

3. Complete client payment transaction, sanitize hands, change apron/shirt, repeat sanitize, begin room cleanup and disinfecting.

4. Room/Lobby turnover sanitation protocols: open window immediately (if not already open), linens removed safely, disinfect all touch surfaces, table protector, face cradle, stool, bolster, massage oil/lotion bottle, client undressing area, plastic floor mats, doorknobs, iPad, lobby touch surfaces, small trash bin emptied, repeat hand washing. Fresh table linens applied after treatment room is completely disinfected.

5. Sanitation routine continues between all clients

6. Sanitation continues at the end of the day

7. As part of our commitment to public health and keeping our community safe, we request that clients report illness to our office if it occurs within 14 days from their massage appointment at Thrive. 

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