NMT / Myofascial Massage

(Deep Tissue)

Experience Specialized Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

Thrive Massage and Bodywork in Ann Arbor offers a range of specialized massage therapies to address muscle pain and tension. Our techniques include Myofascial Release (Myo), Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Trigger Point Therapy, and Deep Tissue Massage.

Are you experiencing sharp pain in your back, neck, hips, or legs? This discomfort can result from various factors, including intense physical activity, prolonged sitting, or everyday movements like bending or lifting. Pain relievers may offer temporary relief, but persistent pain and muscle spasms often require targeted therapy.

Neuromuscular Therapy, administered by our highly trained therapists, focuses on addressing the root cause of muscle pain. By applying concentrated pressure to areas of muscle spasm, we improve blood flow and oxygenation, reducing lactic acid buildup and promoting muscle relaxation.

Myofascial Release is another effective technique we use to relieve muscle tension. This gentle procedure targets fascial restrictions, enhancing flexibility and alleviating pain.

Whether you’re an athlete, office worker, or busy parent, our goal is to restore your comfort and mobility. Schedule a session at Thrive Massage Ann Arbor to experience the transformative benefits of specialized massage therapy. Say goodbye to pain and hello to a more vibrant, pain-free life!