Heidi Johnson, LMT

Owner & Massage Therapist
heidi johnson, lmt

Heidi Johnson, LMT (she/her)
Owner & Therapist at Thrive
(not accepting new clients at this time)

For 25 years, Heidi Johnson has been delivering exceptional massage therapy services to clients. With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1997, Heidi transitioned to her true passion for massage therapy. As the owner of Thrive Massage, Heidi explores the link between emotional health and the musculoskeletal system, particularly addressing stress and anxiety. She also specializes in treating clients recovering from injuries or surgeries, constantly researching and implementing new techniques.

Heidi’s journey began with a 650-hour Massage Therapy program in Madison, where she graduated in 1998, later becoming a teaching assistant. Relocating to Ann Arbor, Michigan, in February 2000, Heidi established her private practice, Heidi Johnson Massage, in 2002. In 2016, she rebranded as “Thrive Massage & Bodywork,” now with a team of 6 Licensed Massage Therapists at her Packard Street location. Thrive’s approach centers on commitment, connection, and care, prioritizing professionalism, client relationships, and high-quality sessions.

Heidi has treated numerous clients in Ann Arbor, attending continuous education workshops to maintain licensure and enhance her skills. Whether you seek relaxation, sports massage, or relief from pain and stress, Heidi tailors her technique to meet your needs, promoting freedom in your body and improved mobility.

Outside of work, Heidi engages in strength training, endurance activities, reading, knitting, and travel. Her spare time is filled with paddle boarding, swimming on local lakes, and beach outings on Lake Michigan. Her decade-long partnership with a personal trainer at the WCC Health and Fitness Center has not only strengthened her as a massage therapist but also provided valuable insights for educating clients on strength and injury recovery benefits.

For inquiries about Thrive LMT staff, please contact Heidi directly at (734) 645-4007. While Heidi is currently not accepting new clients, she will help match you with an LMT who best suits your needs.

I’m passionate about my work and proud of our team of experienced massage therpaists. Our commitment to each client sets us apart. In our tranquil and healing office, clients instantly feel a sense of warmth. We prioritize connecting with our clients, providing an empathetic ear to help them unwind from the challenges of the moment, their day, or life overall. Massage isn’t just a luxury; for some, it’s their only form of human touch. For others, it’s a vital aspect of self-care and stress relief. We’re grateful to offer our services, making a positive impact on our clients’ well-being.
heidi Johnson, LMT wearing a KN95 Mask