Infant Massage

baby with a pink bow in their hair
baby being held

Our Infant Massage offering by Michelle Roman, LMT, is hands-on therapy for your baby and/or hands-on instruction for parents/guardians. We tailor the session just for you and baby. Appointments can be made directly on our booking system – the link is provided below. Questions? Please call Heidi Johnson at 734.645.4007

Research supports that massaging your baby may…

  • Promote bonding between you and
    your little one
  • Help baby to feel safe and secure
  • Relax both you and baby
  • Aid in baby’s digestion
  • Help with elimination of baby’s
    waste and gas
  • Soothe a colicky baby
  • Help to regulate your baby’s sleep/wake cycle
  • Promote healthy weight gain in baby
  • Support your baby’s growing immune system
  • Boost parents’ and caregivers’ self esteem and confidence
  • Decrease symptoms of depression in parents
  • Boost physical, emotional, and social development of your baby
  • Newborns through 15 months welcome

*The amount of research on the benefits of touch/massage has grown (and continues to grown) in wonderful ways! Helpful resources/bodies of knowledge include the Touch Research Institute, American Massage Therapy Association, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, and the Massage Therapy Foundation.

Michelle Roman, LMT

Michelle Roman, LMT

Massage Therapist

Michelle Roman has spent much of her professional life working closely with clients in a wellness environment. After a 13 year career as an esthetician and cosmetologist she shifted her focus to Massage Therapy. She attended the 13 month program at the Adrian School of Massage and graduated in November of 2022.