Massage Benefits


What massage can do for your health and well being is immeasurable. Each client has unique experiences and often times massage and bodywork can be very powerful. Here are the benefits you may enjoy:

  • Deep relaxation and relief from chronic pain
  • Greater flexibility and range of movement
  • Recovery from muscle tension and stiffness
  • Improved circulation to blood and lymph systems – aiding in lowered heart rate and blood pressure, immune system support and disease prevention
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Increased body-mind awareness
  • Clarity of mind and emotions
  • Digestive improvements


Who can benefit from Massage Therapy?

People of all ages and interests can enjoy the benefits of massage therapy:

  • Athletes
  • People suffering from anxiety and/or depression
  • Chronic pain sufferers
  • Physically disabled
  • Pregnant Women
  • People working at computers or traveling frequently
  • Infants and Children
  • Senior Citizens
  • Theatre performers, musicians, artists and dancers
  • People working in repetitive motion/physically demanding jobs
  • Police Officers, Firepeople, and EMT’s.
  • Hair Stylists

How much massage is the right amount?

The client and practitioner should determine the amount and timing of massage or bodywork appointments. The process of recovery and prevention is personal and generally depends on health status. Often times the frequency of massage is determined by when the pain or discomfort started and what caused it. Several appointments may be necessary to achieve long term benefits and recovery. Follow-up appointments aid in healthy muscle patterning after injury and support the mental and emotional aspect of stressful events. Many people discover that massage is an integral part of their life and receive it once or twice a month or weekly.

The Healing Partnership

Massage and Bodywork can assist the client to achieve a positive level of health and wellness. From this level the client can take it even further by using other supportive measures such as stretching out, drinking water, exercising, balanced nutrition, and rest. This is the healing partnership between the client and practitioner.