Prenatal Massage

Heidi Johnson, the owner and operator of Thrive Massage & Bodywork, LLC in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has been a dedicated provider of massage therapy for expecting parents for over 20 years. Drawing from her personal experiences during pregnancies, Heidi understands the transformative power of massage in alleviating various physical discomforts commonly experienced during pregnancy.

“At Thrive Massage & Bodywork, we are passionate about supporting expecting parents through their pregnancy journey,” says Heidi Johnson. “I have personally experienced the profound impact of massage in relieving physical complaints during pregnancy, which has inspired me to create a nurturing environment for our clients.”

Thrive Massage  & Bodywork has a team of experienced Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) who specialize in prenatal massage. Heidi takes pride in training and working closely with each therapist to ensure they provide exceptional prenatal massage services.

“I’m excited to have four skilled LMTs join our practice, all of whom have been trained and practiced prenatal massage under my guidance,” adds Heidi.

Prenatal massage offers numerous benefits, including relieving muscle tension, reducing stress and anxiety, and improving overall well-being for expectant parents. At Thrive Massage, our goal is to provide a holistic and comforting experience tailored to meet the unique needs of each pregnant client.

If you’re in Ann Arbor and seeking professional prenatal massage services, Thrive Massage & Bodywork is your trusted destination. Book your appointment today and discover the soothing benefits of expert prenatal massage therapy.

At Thrive, we prioritize safety and tailor each session to the unique needs of our prenatal clients. Our hands-on training and educational modules ensure that we offer nurturing and safe prenatal massages. We understand the importance of accommodating the changing needs of expectant parents, providing them with comfortable positioning on the massage table as their pregnancy progresses.

Studies have shown that prenatal massage offers numerous benefits, including relieving anxiety, depression, muscle aches, and joint pains. Our approach is rooted in the experience and knowledge passed down by specialists like Audrey Simon, a renowned prenatal and infant massage expert in Ann Arbor.

Prenatal massage not only helps in relaxation but also contributes to improved hormonal balance and cardiovascular health for both parent and baby. It’s a sacred time of life that deserves special care and attention, which our therapists are dedicated to providing.

Some of the key benefits of prenatal massage include:

  1. Stress, anxiety, and depression reduction
  2. Alleviation of edema (swelling) and nerve pain
  3. Improved muscle tension, headaches, and emotional stability
  4. Enhanced oxygen flow and better sleep quality

Before starting a prenatal massage program, it’s essential to consult with your physician, especially if you have specific medical conditions or are in a high-risk pregnancy category. Our goal is to work in conjunction with your healthcare provider to ensure a safe and comfortable experience throughout your pregnancy journey.

Thrive Massage is committed to supporting expectant parents like you in experiencing a smoother, more enjoyable pregnancy. Book your prenatal massage session today and take a proactive step towards nurturing your well-being during this precious time.