Sammie Nicole Anderson-Magiera, LMT, LCST

Sammie Nicole Anderson-Magiera, LMT, LCST

“What I truly enjoy about working in the massage field is seeing people transform. I love being an aid in their healing process, whether that healing is physical or emotional,” says Sammie Nicole Anderson-Magiera, LMT LCST of Thrive Massage Ann Arbor.

Sammie is a native Michigander and in 2016 she decided to move to Colorado to pursue her love for massage and bodywork. In 2017 she moved back to Michigan after she graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in the 700-hour massage program as well as the 524-hour Upledger Craniosacral Therapy program (via the Colorado School). She is licensed in both Massage (LMT) and Craniosacral therapy (LCST). She also has training in level one and level two of Lymphatic Drainage massage, Healing Touch level one, and Aromatherapy.

Sammie’s love for massage developed after learning Reiki energy work at the age of 19. Shortly after finding energy work, she experienced Craniosacral therapy. It led her into a deep state of relaxation, releasing anxiety and trauma. This is when she realized her calling to be an aid to others with focused intention and a nurturing heart. Most recently, Sammie is practicing the art of prenatal massage at Thrive Massage and Bodywork in Ann Arbor.

“Sammie is a wonderful addition to our Ann Arbor massage office, ” explains, Heidi Johnson, owner of Thrive Massage Ann Arbor. “She has a love for bodywork that developed several years ago when she was only 19. Being trained in Colorado and bringing those talents back to practice massage in Ann Arbor is a true gift to our community. I am excited to see her career blossom at Thrive as she shares her passion for massage and craniosacral therapy. Receiving a massage or CST session from Sammie is a very relaxing and therapeutic experience and clients will definitely enjoy her healing touch.”

Aside from massage, Sammie enjoys doing aerial silks and modern dance. Movement arts have become another passion that has helped her understand the body.

“Outside of Thrive Massage and Bodywork, Sammie’s passion for aerial silks enables our newest expert massage therapist to perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a fabric,” observes Heidi.

“The fabric may be hung as one or two pieces and sometimes a second aerial artist may join. The fabric enables the trained expert—kids and adults do not try this at home—to fly through the air while striking poses and figures. Sammie uses the fabric to wrap, climb, swing, suspend and drop herself into various poses, often in a full dancer’s stretch, and then release and gently return to the stage. It is a beautiful sport that requires a strong core, well trained arms and legs, and the ability to powerfully flex a part of the body while simultaneously releasing all of the tension from her other muscles,” Heidi explains.

“This is just one of the many reasons that Sammie Anderson-Magiera is such a good massage therapist,” the owner of Thrive Bodywork and Massage says. “She truly understands the body.”

Visit Sammie at our Thrive Ann Arbor Massage office on the following days:

Tuesday and Thursday 2PM – 7PM

Sunday 9AM – 3PM